How to Strum the Chords to "Over the Rainbow" Like Israel Kamakawiwo`ole (IZ)

In this tutorial I give some basic instructions on how to plug and strum the chords to the song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" as it is played by Israel Kamakawiwo`ole (Bruddah IZ). Basic chords are introduced with the strum pattern as used by the artist, followed by a progressive demonstration on how to do the strumming to get the rhythm. The strumming pattern is demonstrated for low-G strung ukulele as well as for standard tuned ukulele (re-entrant, high-G).


  • This is the only lesson for this song on YouTube given in the German language.
  • I added subtitles in English, by request, which will make it clear for everyone.
In German with english subtitles!

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Sehr gut, danke - thats my best German.

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