How To: Play "Aeroplane Over the Sea" on the ukulele

Play "Aeroplane Over the Sea" on the ukulele

This is a video for beginners made by a beginner ukulele player. It goes over the tuning, chords, strumming pattern, and timing of "Aeroplane over the sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel.

The song has only four chords: G, Em, C, and D. There are two parts to the song. In the first part, you play the chords in the order listed above (G, Em, C, D) each for 1 loop of the strumming pattern. In the second part, you play the same chords in a different order (Em, C, G, D) for two loops of the strumming pattern each.

The strumming pattern loops is in 12 beats, where each beat is an up or a down strum.

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