How To: Play a Bo Diddley beat on the ukulele

Play a Bo Diddley beat on the ukulele

This how to video shows you how to play the Bo Diddley beat on a ukulele. You will need a tuned ukulele and basic knowledge of chords to do this. First, form a D chord. That is, place your fingers so that the first string first fret, second string first fret, third string second fret, and fourth string third fret are pressed. Use your right hand go up and down. Do not place your fingers all the way on to the fret. Only press down at the right times to create the beat. You will be making muted strums in between each pressing. You can also add a sliding motion on the first beat. With this beat in mind, try using the chords D, G7, A, and A7 and alternate them. You now know how to do the Bo Diddley beat.

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