How to Play "This Little Light of Mine" on the ukulele

To play 'This Little Light of Mine' on the ukulele you first will need to start with the chord G progression. Start playing this at the lyric Light and then switch to the chord G7 on the verse shine. On the next line, play the chord C at the verse light and then on the word shine play the chord G. Now, while singing the same lyrics now play the G chord at light and switch to Em at the word shine. Now on the ending verse at, 'Shine, Shine, Shine' play the chords G, D7 and C-G! You can take a G chord and suspend the second and forth by removing your index finger and a four by taking the middle finger off. To play the pattern it's down up down up down up down up in a swing shuffle. Now you can easily play 'This little light of mine' on ukulele.

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I like this, thanks for publishing this video!

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