News: Ukulele Cover of Britney Spears "Toxic" Takes YouTube by Storm

Ukulele Cover of Britney Spears "Toxic" Takes YouTube by Storm

Ok, so you clicked through and there's no Britney Spears. I would have used an image of the mysterious Molly Lewis, aka, sweetafton23, but you can barely see her face in her ukulele cover of Britneys Spears' pop classic, "Toxic". 

"A wizard once gave me this enchanted jacket that, when adorned, would grant me glorious YouTube fame, but in exchange would curse me with androgyny and crop my face off from the nose up," says Molly on her personal site

There is a surprisingly popular world of ukulele covers and tutorials on YouTube, and Molly has wowed many with her rendition of Toxic. According to Ukulele Hunt, her cover is quite impressive. Personally, I like it, too.

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Better than the original! I love Molly's voice as much as the ukulele.

I agree, the voice is GREAT!

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