How To: Play "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" on the ukulele

Play "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" on the ukulele

If you want to play the song 'When Irish Eyes are Smiling' on Ukulele you should play the song at 3/4 time with a waltz feel. The strumming pattern you want to use is Down Down Up Down Up. First you start by playing a C chord, then switch to G7 and back to c. Now, start the next line of the song with G7 and then go to C and A7, D7 and end in G7. Play C over, to G7, C, C7 and F. Then go to D7, then G, then to D7 and end it G-G7. When you start the chorus you then play C, G7 and C-C7. Now play F and then C and repeat these two. Now play A7, D7 and G-G7. Reap this chorus for a second time.This is the chord progression you will use throughout the entire song! Now you can easily play 'When Irish Eyes are Smiling' on the ukulele.

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