How To: Play "Ukulele Lady" on the ukulele

Play "Ukulele Lady" on the ukulele

To play 'Ukulele Lady' on the ukulele you should first realize that you should allow yourself to get silly and goofy with this song. First, to start you should play the first verse with the F chord, and then on the drawn out Honolulu Bay play the chords Db7-C7 and F. Start over with the same chord progression. For the bridge play Dm, then Am then F. Again play F and F, Db7 and C7. On the chorus play F, Fmaj7, Dm and Fmaj7. On Ukulele lady play F, Fmaj7 and Dm-Fmaj7. Next, play Gm7, C7 and repeat these two chords. Now, you continue on with this chord progression throughout the rest of the song. On the bridge part towards the end of the song near 'Maybe she'll sigh...' start this with a new chord progression at Bb and then go to F. Then G, to G7 and C to C7. Now continue on with the chorus here. Now, continue on with the next verse using the first chord progression learned and continue on with the chorus. If you follow these notes you will be able to easily play 'Ukulele Lady' on the ukulele.

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