How To: Play "Surf" on the ukulele

Play "Surf" on the ukulele

The beginning of the video lays out a couple quick lessons on hand and finger placement for playing string notes on the ukulele. The first hand placement and is for string C: using your ring finger place it on the bottom string. The right hand will strum the strings in a down, down, up, up, down motion through the rest of the lesson for each cord. Use the middle finger to hold down the next cord A minor on 2nd fret. Strum. Next keeping your finger on first string place your index finger on third string to do F. Strum. Now drop middle finger from top string down one string, put ring finger on bottom string 2nd fret this is G7. Strum. Next do another F (first string with middle finger and your index finger on third string) while and also placing ring finger right underneath which is 2nd string 2nd fret for a D minor. Strum. Lastly cover all string with index finger on 2nd fret and place ring finger on bottom string 3rd fret this is D7. Strum. the remaining video will let you hear the song played through in it's entirety.

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