How To: Play "Gitara" on the ukulele

Play "Gitara" on the ukulele

First of all you have to watch the screen for two bars. One bar is situated in the right side of the screen and the other bar is on the bottom of your screen. First you have to start by following the 'side bar' which has the four strings separated by different sections. It also shows red color buttons which are depicting the movement that you need to do by pressing the strings with your fingers. At the start you have to press the second section of the second, third and the fourth strings. Then press the third section of the third wire. Now press the fifth section of the third wire. In this way you have to keep following to learn the whole song. Now also see the bottom of our screen, where the lyrics are written and which scroll as the song is played. You can sing along while plying the ukulele. There are also words like 'G', 'Bm', 'c','d' 'Em' etc which shows the different notes being played. You simply have to follow these two 'bars' on your screen. That's it.

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