How To: Install a strap button on a ukulele

Install a strap button on a ukulele

Had enough of tie-on uke straps? Learn how to install strap buttons onto your ukulele with this how-to. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on this handy ukulele mod watch this helpful video guide.

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To whom it may concern:
So sorry to bother you, even I have no idea who I have to contact.
I'm very glad to learn the strap button installation from this website.
I've taken careful looks at the video for several times, also a relative complete concept has been built up.
However, I have a small question here: Why the button at the neck is installed on the right side (pointing to one's navel) instead of left side (the side toward one's nose)?
In my thinking, will the button on the bottom side be a hindrance to the left hand while it goes up to the higher positions----12th, 13th...frets or higher!? If the button is installed on the opposite side---toward the nose, what might happen?
Probably my question seems ridiculous or stupid, but I'm really worried about something uncomfortable that might show up during higher position performance.
Best wishes.
Theo Huang
My email address:

i can't figure out why nobody is willing to help me out with my concern. maybe in the video show, the author, i guess, has already made some explanation of the reason why the button installation on the 'nose' side is not better than on the 'navel' side. regretfully my pc is too poor to be compatible with either the video or audio effect! i wish i could get some help from anyone who has gone thru this issue. thanks a lot.

Theo, the strpa buttlon is placed on the "navel side: for one simple reason: The strap won't slip off! Having the button on the nose side guarantees that it will slip off and you will have a pile of koa crumbs and splinters at your feet. I know this is four years too late for your answer.

I know this is a stupid question but because of what I saw on the internet it's a photo of a uke with an under saddle pickup and the jack pin was placed where the strap button should be placed how do I fix this problem cause I would like an under saddle pickup and I would like to use straps too so pls reply thankyou

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