How To: Do an alternate split stroke on the banjo uke

Do an alternate split stroke on the banjo uke

This video describes how to do a different rhythm to the standard split stroke for the banjo uke. Some people pick this up naturally, other need it to be pointed out-like the demonstrator, for example!

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john96.I play alittle bit but not like these guys and iwantto know more thanks,

Ive been a George formby fan allmy life .this sit e will be very useful.

I wrote a message, not realising I'd have to jump through some hoops to get it to you ! Anyway, what I wanted to say was 'thanks' for your excellent tuition videos, particularly since yours seems the most 'unvarnised' - and the occasional mistakes ( such as starting off with a 'different' tune to that you intended ) are endearing ! I am only at the strumming stage but, within two weeks of getting my Uke-Banjo, I could 'play' and 'sing' two of Mr Formby's most popular ones ( of course, Leaning on a Lamp Post, Cleaning Windows ). I am gobsmacked to have achieved that, but now must strive to master the split-stroke. So, thanks for making the learning process a bit easier. Oh, and keep on being you ! Nigel

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