How To: Play George Formby style banjo uke

Play George Formby style banjo uke

If you are a beginner, you should find this very useful. Learn how to get started in GF uke style by learning two basic techniques. First the split stroke, which is the foundation for most of the other GF style strokes, and secondly the thumb roll (or "triple"), which adds a bit of extra interest. Even though these are just two of the techniques, when used together, they can sound fantastic.

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You were very easy to follow - you should defo do a video , I would buy it !!

i would defo buy a vid if you did one really easy to learn from you,

tidy, lush

mate youre a legend.... wicked vids helped me out alot.. thanks
just wondering if you know where i can get the chords/tabs for I told my baby with my ukulele

Inpossible to follow unless I know the key. Is it C, or D, or some other key? Perhaps a good starting point to any teaching would be to pass on this basic information. Please do that?
Vlad, the ukulele torturer.

Thanks for the vid. i got the chords and Key from Petey, thanks to him, too. I have made great strides today, for which I am grateful. Any other vids would be more than welcome, they are a necessity!

Excellent effort on your part. Much grinding parctice on mine. Is it possible to connect with you by email?

Email sounds good to me.If you are not too busy an email reply would be superb. Petey sent me one, great stuff Petey, makes life so pleasant. Thanks to both Petey and Witt grjp.

grjp - Is this your email?

The video is the first one I have been able to easily follow. I can now do the "Split Stroke". Trust me this is real progress.

My email is Looking forwrad to hearing from you!

Being a little new to this technology, not to mention the handicap of age, I cannot find an email address for you. Is it possible you can send it to me?

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